Choosing the right hardtop for you

20 February 2019
Image titleChoosing a hardtop for your pick-up can seem like quite a daunting task, with so many choices available it's often difficult to understand the difference and to gauge which one will work best for you. We have broken down a few of the key features to help you take the first steps to choosing your perfect hardtop. 

The first thing you need to think about is: how you will be using your vehicle?
If it is for commercial purposes, then you will want to take a look at our commercial range of hardtops. All of our commercial hardtops can be colour coded to match your vehicle, or you can opt for a gel white finish. The superior gel white coat gives the hardtop an extreme UV resistance - not only this, but any scratches to the top can be polished out. Our commercial range includes the bestselling commercial top the Truckman RS, the high capacity Truckman Classic and the all-round access Truckman Utility top.

If your hardtop is going to be used more for leisure-use, then our luxury range is best suited to you. Like the commercial range, each hardtop can be colour coded to match your vehicle. Whether you are looking for solid or glazed sides, or ventilation whilst on the move, there is hardtop for you. Our luxury range includes the bestselling luxury top the Truckman Grand, the hardtop best suited to dog owners-  the Truckman GLS, the all-round access Truckman S-Series, the stylish and sporty hardtop Truckman Max and the solid sided Truckman L-Series.

Do you need a high-roof capacity or cab-high?
Truckman Classic Hardtop Mitsubishi L200High-roof capacity hardtops: Truckman Classic and Truckman Utility.
By adding a high-roof hardtop you have the ability to carry larger loads or use the increased capacity to carry a larger amount of small items. This is why high-roof hardtops are particularly popular with tradesmen, utility customers and field-based engineers.

Truckman GLS Hardtop Toyota HiluxCab-high hardtops: Truckman RSTruckman GrandTruckman GLSTruckman S-SeriesTruckman Max and Truckman L-Series.
A cab-high hardtop that complements the look of your pick-up and offers a sleek, streamlined finish. This type of hardtop is level with the cab of the vehicle, continuing along the roofline of the truck.

Solid or glazed sides?
Image titleSolid-sided hardtops: Truckman Classic, Truckman UtilityTruckman RSTruckman S-Series and Truckman L-Series.
Solid-sided hardtops add an extra level of security to your load, keeping it safely hidden from view. It also adds side protection for your cargo, ensuring that bulky loads can be transported safely.

Glazed sides: Truckman GrandTruckman GLSTruckman S-Series and Truckman Max.Image title
There are a variety of glazed windows you can have on your hardtop depending on your requirements - pop-out, sliding or gull-wing windows. Having side windows allows more ventilation in the load bed, with sliding side windows you can even keep the windows open during transit, making it an ideal choice for customers with dogs.