Choosing the right tonneau cover for your vehicle

11 January 2019
Image titleWhen picking a new tonneau cover for your vehicle, you need to make sure you choose the right one for you. For example, if you often carry awkward loads, the Truckman Retrax is ideal as it is lockable in any position. If you are looking for a tonneau cover with ease in mind, then the Extang Express Roll-Top is the solution for you.

At Truckman, we have a range of tonneau covers available, so you can find the one that best suits your needs:

Image titleThe Truckman Retrax is the revolutionary anti-snag roller tonneau, which uses the spiral canister to prevent the outer and inner surfaces from coming into contact. The cover can be locked into any position, making it ideal for customers that are often carrying awkward loads. 
The Retrax also has an excellent water management system, with two drainage channels at the rear.

Image titleThe RedRock roller tonneau is designed exclusively for the Ford Ranger Wildtrak. The retractable tonneau cover is made from industrial strength aluminium and finished off with a sleek, black finish.
The tonneau is designed to encourage rain to run off the sides, helping to keep your load dry and protected against any harsh weather conditions. 
The cover can be locked in 4 positions which allows the customer to partially cover the load bed when carrying an awkward load.

Image titleThe Jack Rabbit is a fully secure and lockable tonneau cover that will help keep your posessions hidden from view. The Jack Rabbit can be locked into position at 30cm intervals, making it perfect for carrying awkward loads, as you no longer have to leave the load fully exposed. 
The tonneau cover is made from strong, interlocking ArmorTek panels which are laminated to weather resistant padded polymer. 
The Latch and Lock handle prevents water from entering the lock and freezing.

Image titleThe Roll Top Xtreme is the most secure and robust tonneau cover on the market and has a hidden lock for added security. There is a built-in pull strap for open and close and the cover can be locked into position at 30cm intervals.
The tracking system on the cover allows customers to add styling accessories if desired. The Roll Top Xtreme has an ArmorTek deck laminated to rigid aluminium panels.

Image titleThe Mountain Top roller tonneau is available with a black or silver finish and can be locked at various intervals for practicality. The Mountain Top has a strong lock that ensures your equipment will remain safe.
The tonneau cover can be released and locked in position using the pull-strap design. 
Once the cover has been closed the tailgate can be locked, or lowered as you require.

Image titleThe Extang Trifecta is our bestselling soft tonneau cover. It is easy to install and simple to use and is one of the strongest soft tonneaus available on the market. 
The frame is made from lightweight aircraft grade aluminium, the tarp is constructed from heavy-duty, leather-grained fabric, with an integrated corner tuck to increase tension.
The Jaw-Grip clamping system is one of the strongest on the market, as well as the patented EZ-Lock clamps, which allow you to operate the cover with minimal effort.

Image titleThe Extang Express Roll-Top tonneau cover is made with ease and speed in mind. Engineered with exclusive features that provide instant truck bed protection with a sleek design.
One of the most convenient and easy ways to access the truck bed with the use of pre-positioned heavy-duty bows and quick, one-finger release - ideal for tradesmen having to carry awkward loads. The tapered tarp design repels water for protection from the elements.

Image titleThe Extang Solid Fold tonneau cover has a professionally engineered aluminium frame and hinges to provide incredible protection from wear. The tonneau cover has a matte black finish.   
The 25mm thick Extang panels are incredibly sturdy but remarkably light and feature an automotive grade polymer that resists denting, scratches and UV fading, as well as offering superior thermal stability and stay cool to the touch on hot days.