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Secure, Organised, Easy Access

DECKED is the latest pick-up accessory to arrive all the way from the States - the pick-up masterminds.

The secure drawer storage system is ideal for pick-up owners who are looking to keep their load bed organised and tidy. It is also perfect for commercial customers, such as electricians, builders and landscapers, as well as general leisure users and outdoor adventurers. 

Image title- Highly ergonomic - drawers run freely and bring contents into easy reach
- Easy to organise
- Extremely weatherproof - can be fitted to an open back pick-up
- Integrated drainage channels to keep water away from drawer contents
- Rugged - it can carry 1000kg on the raised deck
- Each drawer will carry 100kg
- Secure - cannot be accessed when the tailgate of your vehicle is closed and locked
- Rot proof- DECKED is made from 100% recycled HDPE and steel
- Two storage bins at the tailgate end for extra storage
- Fits with a Truckman hardtop/soft tonneau
- Non-drill fitting
- 3-Year warranty
- A handy bottle opener sits in between the two drawers

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DECKED provides ergonomic access to the load bed, enabling you to avoid crawling in the back for tools. The drawer system is extremely hard-wearing and weatherproof and can be used on an open-back pick-up - however, you can still fit it with a soft tonneau or a hardtop. The DECKED storage system cannot be accessed when the tailgate is closed, keeping your load safe and secure - additional locks can also be purchased for extra security. 

There are a number of accessories that can be purchased for the DECKED system, including the D-Box Drawer Toolbox - which fits perfectly in the wide drawer and is durable and weatherproof. Divide your DECKED drawers with removable dividers, allowing you to keep your drawers organised, tidy and suited specifically to your needs. The Core Trax 1000 can be added to the top of your deck by bolting down to the steel tubes to secure any bulky loads.

The science behind Decked

The most common type of workplace injury is musculoskeletal injuries. These types of injuries count for over a third of lost workdays relating to injuries and around half of the compensation claims. 

The leading cause of these injuries are lifting, pushing, pulling, holding, carrying or throwing. Vehicles fitted with DECKED will help to prevent these types of injuries - as shown in the image below.
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Truckman supplied Sheerwater Glass with drawer system DECKED, Truckman Grand hardtop, Tailgate Pro-Lift and Tailgate BedMat. The accessories were fitted at Truckman’s facility in the West Midlands to the company’s Ford Ranger Wildtrak. READ MORE.