Get Organised, Get DECKED!

05 October 2018
Image titleThe DECKED drawer system is the best way to make maximum use of the truck bed and still have easy-access to the full load. No drilling is required to fit DECKED to the vehicle, which makes it a popular product amongst customers. The DECKED system uses two full-length drawers to enable full use of the storage capacity, the drawers glide effortlessly on industrial-grade wheels. Above the drawers is the top deck, which maintain the footprint and payload of the truck bed. 
Decked BlogThere are a range of accessories available for the DECKED drawers too! Including, the D-Box Toolbox, drawer dividers and lock sets.  The toolbox sits comfortably in the drawer and has three strategically placed handles. The toolbox is ideal for keeping the drawers tidy and organised, as well as allowing easy transportation to and from jobs.

There are drawer dividers available for both the wide drawer and the narrow drawer, which can be locked in at various mounting positions, allowing full customisation of the drawers according to the tools or equipment stored inside. And as an extra level of security for valuables kept in the drawers, we supply drawer lock sets that come with two sets of identical keys, so you can lock both of the drawers.

And finally, one of our favourite features of the DECKED is the handy bottle opener that is featured between the two drawers!

The DECKED drawer system is now available for Extra Cab models as well as Double Cab models.

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