How to fit the Truckman Retrax

10 January 2019
Image titleThe Truckman Retrax is a retractable tonneau cover with a revolutionary anti-snag spiral canister, which prevents the outer and inner surfaces from coming into contact. The Retrax is also known for its excellent water management system with two drainage channels at the rear.

At Truckman we understand that not everyone is comfortable with fitting the accessories to their own vehicle, which is why we offer an expert fitting service to our customers. However, if you do fancy giving it a go and fitting the Truckman Retrax yourself, you can do so in 8 simple steps. 

Step One:
Remove shipping brackets and white shipping tubes from both sides of the canister (ensure that you keep hold of the shipping brackets, as you will need these later on)

Step Two:
Install the rails to the canister - lift up the lock cover, unlock and open by pressing the release button. Pull the cover out to around 11". Ensure the cover remains rolled out at all times during installation of the rails. DO NOT allow the cover to roll back into the canister until the rail has been installed. You will notice that the passenger rail has a green sticker on it.
Attach both the rails to the canister using the 10-32 x 7/16" rail to canister mounting screws. Ensure that the rail tabs are on the inside of the spiral. 

Step Three:
Install the front cover - slide on the front cover and attach on both sides using the (2) 10-24 x 3/4" screws using the 1/8" allan wrench.

Step Four:
Lift the assembled cover into the bed and position the rails - this step requires two people - lift the cover and place it at the very front of the bed. Close the tailgate of the pickup. Using the shipping bracket from step one, move the rails to achieve the 1/8" gap. Make sure that the rails do not move after measuring.
NOTE: The front cover weather-strip must lay flat across the truckbed and must be pointing towards the cab. It may need trimming if it extends past the bed rail cap. 

Step Five:
Install the front and rear set of clamps - using a 9/16" or 1/2" wrench (depending on your clamps), tighten the clamps. For the rear clamps, you will need to push down on the rail as you tighten them so you can get a better seal on the pickup box rails. The rear of the rail may need to be tilted up or down for optimum fit over the tailgate. 

Step Six:
Measure and record distance between the rails - measure the distance at 30cm intervals and ensure that the rails are parallel. If they are not then an adjustment will be needed, so proceed to step seven. If they are parallel then you can proceed to step eight.

Step Seven:
Adjust the distance between the rails - remove clamp at tailgate end of the rail and using a 6mm allan wrench, turn both of the white nylon adjustment screws. If the rails are too far apart, then turn clockwise. If they are too close together, then turn anti-clockwise. Pull the cover closed and latch, if there is less weather-strip exposed on one side, then adjust the rail towards the cab. Check again for equal spacing.

Step Eight:
Assemble and install drain tube - Remove plastic film from the canister and insert the tubes into the holes in the bottom of the canister and turn to the right. 2 clicks will mean that they are secure. 
On some trucks there are factory drain holes in both front corners, on others, there are plastic plugs that can be drilled out for the tubes. You can enlarge/drill new holes if needed, but be careful what is behind when you drill. Cut the tubes to length to fit in desired locations. 

To finish off, open and close the cover to ensure it is rolling without rubbing or binding. Remove any remaining plastic film. Be sure that all the clamps and /or bolts are tight. Clamps should be checked periodically for tightness.