How to Fit Wind Deflectors

16 November 2018
Image titleWind deflectors are a popular accessory for all vehicles. They are not only practical and but are a great way of styling your vehicle. Truckman stock wind deflectors for vans, cars and 4x4s.  As suggested by the name, wind deflectors deflect rain and excess wind from entering the vehicle, whilst your window is partially open, making them an ideal accessory for dog owners!
Truckman stock both in-channel and adhesive types of wind deflectors.

1. Use a clean cloth and surface cleaner to wipe down the surface area where the wind deflectors will be placed. This is an important step, as any dirt or dust can affect the adhesive on the deflectors and shorten their lifespan. 

2. Once the surface area is dry, remove the non-adhesive strip to uncover the adhesive. 

3. Ensure you follow the instructions for your wind deflectors, and place them exactly where it says - this way they will follow the contours of the windows of your vehicle.

4. Start by pressing down on the corners of the deflector and then work your way along. 

5. Repeat this process for all the other wind deflectors.

We also have a handy video to help:

1. Roll down each window that you will be putting a wind deflector.

2. You will notice that on one side of the wind deflector there is a lip, this is designed to fit inside your window channel. Carefully bend the deflectors so that you can fit it inside the open window. Ease the wind deflector into the window channel.

3. Ensure you don't apply too much pressure, but just enough to wedge it in. Once the deflector is in the window channel, it will try to regain its original shape, in doing so, this locks them into place. 

4. Repeat this process for all other wind deflectors.