Decked Pick-Up Truck Twin Drawer Storage System Isuzu D-Max (2012+) Double Cab

Features and Benefits Heavy-duty storage and drawer system – upgrade, maximise your pick-up truck’s bed space Ultra-strong low-profile steel subframe – 1000kg payload, entire truck bed area space usable Ergonomic, gratifyingly smooth drawer action – easy load/unload access at waist height
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Features and Benefits

  • Heavy-duty storage and drawer system – upgrade, maximise your pick-up truck’s bed space
  • Ultra-strong low-profile steel subframe – 1000kg payload, entire truck bed area space usable
  • Ergonomic, gratifyingly smooth drawer action – easy load/unload access at waist height
  • High-density polyethylene (HDPE) – rot-proof, resistant to chemical oils and spills
  • Weatherproof with integrated drainage channels – helps to keep truck load bed dry
  • Fully lockable – keep your tools, equipment and storage secure
  • Customisable – choose from a variety of boxes, dividers and tie-down hook locks
  • Easy, no-drill installation – transform your pick-up truck quickly and easily
  • WhatVan 2019 Aftermarket Award Winner – industry-leading, trusted accessory
  • 3-Year Warranty – for extra peace of mind
DECKED pick-up truck drawer system

Award Winning Secure Drawer Storage System

Designed in the United States and exclusive to Truckman, DECKED is a unique and revolutionary low-profile pick-up truck drawer system. Featuring ergonomic and heavy-duty drawers that conveniently slide in and out at waist height, discerning pick-up owners can maximise the carrying capacity and practicality of their vehicle.

Recently introduced to the UK by Truckman, DECKED has achieved approval from major manufacturers such as Toyota and Nissan. Valued by commercial and leisure users, this innovative storage system is ideal for tradespeople, sports enthusiasts, utility engineers, farmers and more.


Ultra-Strong HDPE, American Steel Sub-Frame

Made in the United States, DECKED features a raised platform which fits securely and precisely into the pick-up truck’s load bed. The storage system delights its owners with its integrated, full bed-length roll-out drawers with a 90kg+ carrying capacity. Additionally, the entire load space of your pick-up's bed is saved. An impressive 1000kg payload gives you the same capacity as a half-ton truck thanks to a combination of ultra-strong storage drawers and super-strong, laterally in-moulded American steel sub-frame.


Weather-Proof and Rot-Proof

DECKED pick-up truck drawer system is both trusted and renowned for its secure storage of valuable items – as well as keeping the storage space dry. DECKED drawers are manufactured with rot-proof high-density polyethylene (HDPE) featuring integrated drainage lines to channel water out and keep your tools and equipment safe.

Pick-up truck bed storage systems like DECKED are not 100% waterproof – and whilst DECKED features innovatively designed water-resistant components, owners are advised to use caution when operating high-pressure jet-washes. CAD engineering is used to precisely match the entire system with the topography of the pick-up’s sidewall – protecting against the low risk of water and dirt ingress.


Customisable and Upgradable – Above and Below

The UK-award winning pick-up truck drawer storage system is as versatile as it is dependable. Featuring a low-profile platform made with a high-strength steel subframe, DECKED is compatible with a range of proprietary accessories such as drawers to increase efficiency and organisation and tie-down systems to maximise the load-carrying potential of your vehicle. Furthermore, DECKED can be easily modified to work with Thule bike racks and carriers.

This versatile, value-adding pick-up truck upgrade satisfies tradespeople, engineers and more with its practical uses offered by the smooth-action drawer system below – and its reliably-strong cargo-carrying space above.


Easy to Install & Remove – No Drilling Required

No alterations to the truck bed are required to install DECKED. Truckman’s range of DECKED storage systems are specifically manufactured for each major pick-up truck – matching the load bed’s sidewall topography to ensure a snug and secure fit.

Carefully delivered by expert couriers, the system is professionally wrapped and packaged – and includes detailed, easy-to-follow fitting instructions with large, easy-to-follow pictures and diagrams. DECKED’s components and attachments can be assembled quickly and easily using a regular Phillips screwdriver. The DECKED vehicle-specific drawer system is a pleasingly-practical, value-boosting upgrade for your pick-up truck.

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  • DECKED award-winning vehicle-specific pick-up truck drawer system
  • Comprehensive installation guide
  • 3 year warranty


Evenly Distributed Payload907kgs / 1 tonne
Drawer Capacity (Each)90kgs
Total System Weight90kgs – 100kgs
Estimated Install Time90 – 120 minutes
Estimated Removal & Re-install Time15 minutes
LengthVaries to Fit Vehicle
WidthVaries to Fit Vehicle

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use DECKED with a hard top canopy installed?
Yes. Most DECKED users combine their drawer storage system with a hard top canopy installed on their pick-up. This creates immeasurable, weatherproof storage and cargo-carrying capacity as the DECKED platform can be used to carry bulky items or pets, with valuables such as tools is stored securely in the concealed drawers underneath.

Can I still use my plastic load bed liner?
No. DECKED is a vehicle-specific system designed for a precise, stable fit and installation on a plastic bed liner is not advised.

Can I use a BedRug mat or carpet?
DECKED is compatible with the BedRug mat – and is compatible with the BedRug Mat. However, BedRug carpet owners are advised that there will be a very snug fit – initially. DECKED wheels will wear on the rug but the action will become smoother as the wheels wear in.

Can I use a tonneau cover or roller shutter?
DECKED sits 12-inches tall. It’s compatible with tonneau covers such as the Truckman Aluminium. DECKED is usually not compatible with retractable tonneau covers/roller covers but this is different for every vehicle. The space above the DECKED system after installation must be enough to accommodate the roller tonneau’s canister.

Reviews (7)
  • Decked drawers
    After looking at many other drawer systems. I allways like the look of the decked ones. Im very pleased with them. They are well made and easy to fit. I would highly recommend them.
  • Twin drawer system
    First class piece of kit I can keep my tools and equipment hidden and dry and still have full-size truck bed!
  • Decked twin drawer system
    Absolutely the best safe storage system I have ever used. All my tools & fitting are out of sight and back of my pickup look like it had nothing in to steel.
  • General manager
    Works really well and the product is of high quality.
  • Great
    Ordered the draw system easy to fit and super strong top ideal for me as I can put power tools in and hand tools and not be seen
  • Decked
    I am really happy with my Decked draw system, it works well for my business as an electrician. Easy access to my tools and it is secure. Also it is waterproof and kept everything dry and safe when I had my back window broken.
  • Decked
    I have a 2018 Toyota Hilux. I bought the Decked Twin Draw Storage System. I am not one for reviews, but found it to be a really robust and well made product. I am now able to store all my workwear and PPE practically without it all flying round in the back. It fits all round and uses all the bed space. For me it has organised the bed perfectly. Very good kit.