Must-have camping accessories for your vehicle

12 February 2019
Image titleWith the evenings starting to get lighter and the daffodils making an appearance, Spring is definitely around the corner, and with it comes camping season! We have selected a few of our favourite accessories to ensure that you can get the most out of your pick-up when camping.

Image titleTo start off with, the ultimate accessory would be the DECKED drawer storage system. The full bed-length drawers are ideal for keeping all your camping essentials organised and protected from any bad weather. Space isn't compromised with the DECKED drawer system as you still have full use of the truck bed and a payload of 1000kg.

DECKED is made from 100% recycled HDPE and steel and is extremely durable, yet lightweight. Each drawer has a capacity of 100kg and there is the option of various accessories, such as drawer dividers and toolboxes, to help keep everything organised and tidy.

The DECKED system also comes with a handy bottle opener between the two drawers - perfect for those beers by the campfire. You could even use the drain plug set and store ice in one of the drawers to keep your beers cold!

Whether you are opting for the DECKED or not, another great accessory is the BedRug - the ultimate in loadliner luxury. Not only is the BedRug soft like a carpet, but it is also extremely hardwearing. 

Image titleThe soft, shock absorbent foam floor helps to protect your camping equipment and your truck bed from getting damaged during transit. The BedRug is environmentally safe and is manufactured from recyclable polypropylene composite, what makes it even more camping-friendly, is that the liner will withstand toxic chemicals, mud and dirt - so you won't need to worry about where to store those muddy wellies! The liner does not absorb water and is pressure washable and quick drying, so you can have it looking new in no time at all. 

Add a bike rack to your vehicle so you don't need to leave your bike at home. The Thule bike racks are available as roof bike racks, towbar bike racks and boot bike racks, so you can find one to suit you. Along with bike racks, we also have a range of roof racks to help you increase your vehicle's capacity so you don't need to leave any of those creature comforts at home. 

And this is just a selection of our favourite accessories, browse through our website to find even more products to make your vehicle work best for you and your camping trip.