New Product Alert: Vision X Lighting Bars

28 January 2019
Image titleIntroducing the latest product to join the ever-growing range of pick-up accessories from Truckman. The Vision X lighting range are the ultimate, must-have accessory for your pick-up. The lighting bars are amongst the highest quality and are even chosen by NASA and the military, which just highlights their incredible capability and unmatched performance.

Image titleHelping to increase visibility down dark country lanes, this range is ideal for farmers and landowners who require additional lighting on dark mornings and evenings and for customers that frequently drive off-road or on country lanes.

The range consists of the XPR Series; XPR Halo Series and the Xmitter Prime Xtreme Series. The XPR Series and XPR Halo Series both use Iris Reflector technology, which is specifically engineered to project the full light output of each LED to produce an unmatched distance spot beam. In addition to this, the XPR Halo Series can be used as DRLs (daytime running lights). The Xmitter Prime Xtreme Series uses Prime Drive technology, which emits more light from diodes and pulses the LEDs faster than the eye can perceive. 

The Vision X light bars will really make your vehicle stand out on the road, as well as enhancing the look of your vehicle. Adding Vision X lighting to your vehicle improves the light output of your vehicle, helping to dramatically improve vision for night-time driving.
Image title
The light bars have all been put through vigorous testing to ensure that they are top quality and ready for anything! These various tests include thermal impact - where they are placed in extreme temperatures for 30 minutes; submersion test - where they are dunked in water and long-term durability test - where they are turned on and off 20,000 times.

Vision X are also so confident in their product that they offer a 5-year limited warranty. 

To view the full range of products and find a light bar for your vehicle, click here.