Sheerwater Glass - Case Study

03 May 2018
Image titleTruckman supplied Sheerwater Glass with drawer system DECKED, Truckman Grand hardtop, Tailgate Pro-Lift and Tailgate BedMat. The accessories were fitted at Truckman’s facility in the West Midlands to the company’s Ford Ranger Wildtrak.
Image title
Sheerwater Glass is a family run glazing company based in Surrey, providing quality window, door and conservatory installations. The Ford Wildtrak is used to transport staff, tools and equipment between different site locations.

Director of Sheerwater Glass, Mark McCluggage was first drawn to the DECKED system as it allows him to stow tools safely and securely while still having space to store goods (up to 1000kg) on top of the deck. Cargo can easily move around in a pick-up and slide to the bulkhead, leaving customers crawling on all fours – DECKED solves this problem, by providing ergonomic access to contents.

The decision was made to purchase a Truckman Grand hardtop for the Wildtrak to transport expensive equipment. The Grand keeps the contents dry and secure, whilst also improving the look of the pick-up.
The vehicle is used by many different employees at Sheerwater Glass, so the Tailgate Pro-Lift makes the opening and closing of the tailgate easier and gives controlled access to the DECKED drawers.

WHAT TRUCKMAN SAID… “It has been a pleasure to work with Mark and Sheerwater Glass. DECKED is the perfect solution for business vehicles, providing organised easy access to contents. In addition, the Truckman Grand and Pro-Lift enhance the style and security of the Wildtrak.”

WHAT SHEERWATER GLASS SAID… “I am over the moon with all of the accessories I had fitted, the waiting area was clean and comfortable, plus I was well looked after with lots of coffee. A big thank you to everyone at truckman, for the professional and swift service I received!”

Truckman DECKED Features:
- Two full bed length pull-out drawers (up to 100kg)
- Full use of the truck bed
- Ergonomic (1000kg payload on deck)
- Weather/Rotproof
- Two storage bins
- Secure and rugged
- Customisable
- 3-Year Warranty
- Handy bottle opener