Truckman Bedliners - Low slip, high grip!

17 October 2018
Image titleWhether you are after an over-rail bedliner, for extra paintwork protection along the top of your load bed, or an under-rail bedliner to enable you to add a hardtop or tonneau cover, then there is a Truckman bedliner for you.

Image titleThe Truckman bedliners are designed specifically to each vehicle, to ensure the best fit and ultimate protection.  The ultra-low slip surface offers high grip. 

The bedliner offers protection against damage from spillages or scratches and it is resistant against oil and most chemicals. The Truckman bedliner can be easily installed and no drill to the vehicle is required.

If you have or are thinking of having a hardtop or tonneau cover on your vehicle then an under-rail liner is the right choice for you. The bedliner does not lip over the rail of your vehicle, allowing easy fitment of such accessories.

Alternatively, you may prefer to opt for ultimate protection for your vehicle and go for the over-rail bedliner,  where the liner lips over the rail of your vehicle. 

Discover our range of Truckman bedliners here.