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Truckman Over Rail Bedliner:

The Truckman over rail bedliner is ideal for customers who are looking for a way to protect their vehicle bed and do not wish to add a hardtop or tonneau cover. Your pick-up bed will be protected against damage from scratches and spillages and is ultra low-slip. The over rail bedliner lips over the rail of your vehicle, ensuring the ultimate protection.

Truckman Under Rail Bedliner:

Protect the bed of your pick-up from damage such as dents and scratches with one of our ultra low-slip under rail bedliners. An under rail bedliner is the right choice for you if you are looking to add further accessories to your truck bed, including a hardtop or tonneau cover. They are designed to allow easy fitment of such accessories, as the bedliner does not lip over the rail of your vehicle.