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Make your vehicle stand out on the road with a choice of stylish 20” Wolfrace alloys, tyres and wheel arch packages.

Choose between 3 different alloys - Vermont; LH1 and LH3, all of which come with a 12-month warranty, optional road tyres or all-terrain tyres and whether to have TPMS or not. When choosing the Vermont alloys you can also choose to have the package without the wheel arch kit. Tyre and alloy sets come mounted and balanced.


Vermont TyreVermont

Vermont wheels are part of Wolfrace's premium range - Wolf Design. the Vermont alloys have a 20" diameter and a 'dished' design. There are ten split-spokes and the Wolfrace logo is featured in the centre. You can purchase these alloys with either road tyres or all-terrain tyres; with TPMS or without TPMS and with or without wheel arches.

LH1 TyreLH1

The LH1 alloys are part of the Lionhart range - they feature a timeless six-spoke design, effectively 'future-proofing' them. These alloys are extremely strong and are ideal for off-road adventures - even the most demanding! The LH1 alloys have a 20" diameter and can be purchased with either road tyres or all-terrain tyres and you can also choose whether they come with TPMS or not.

LH3 TyreLH3

LH3 alloys are possibly the most striking of the Lionhart range. The LH3 have eight split spokes - these spokes help to save weight and aid brake cooling. The 20" alloys have a black satin finish and feature the Wolfrace logo in the centre. You can purchase the LH3 alloys with either road tyres or all-terrain tyres and you can also choose whether they come with TPMS or not.


All-Terrain TyreAll-Terrain Tyres (Size 255/55-20)

The all-terrain tyres are ideal for off-road use as well as on-road. They provide a strong grip and excellent handling. The robust construction of the tyre helps to protect against damage to the tread pattern and sidewalls. 

Road TyreRoad Tyres (Size 255/55-20)

The on-road tyres not only look great but they have outstanding performance on dry and wet roads. 

With TPMS or without TPMS?

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is the electronic system that monitors your tyre air pressure and notifies you when it gets too low. TPMS helps to increase your safety on the roads and by ensuring your tyres have the correct pressure, they decrease tyre wear and reduce your braking distance.
Please note: TPMS can only be used to replace existing wheels where OEM TPMS system is fitted to the vehicle.

With Wheel Arch kit or without Wheel Arch Kit?

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All of the LH1 and LH3 alloy packages come with wheel arch kits. However, with the Vermont alloys, you can choose for the package to come with or without the Wheel Arch Kit. The wheel arch kit offers an attractive finish and will set your vehicle apart from all the others.

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Wolfrace was founded in 1971 and launched the first polished alloy wheels to the European market. Wolfrace are known for high quality, fashionable products. Wolfrace are so confident about their products that they are the only wheel brand in the UK to offer 5-year warranties.