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Pick-Up Truck Drawer Systems

With a 1 tonne system load rating and a 100kg payload per drawer, the DECKED pick-up truck and van drawer system enhances productivity and efficiency. Weighing only 90–100kg per system, DECKED doesn't noticeably affect fuel economy or payload capacity.

Available for all popular pick-up trucks.

Two full bed-length drawers

Ergonomic, heavy-duty integrated drawers conveniently slide in and out within easy reach. Each drawer holds up to 90kg.

Customise Your Storage

DECKED is fully customisable with a host of components designed so that you can store your cargo, your way.

Preserves Your Load Area

Just 12-inches tall, DECKED increases the surface area of the truck bed as it covers the wheel wells and has a 1-tonne load capacity. 

Additional Storage Bins

DECKED features two storage bins incorporated into the platform at the tailgate end, ideal for storing straps, chains, gloves, or small tools like spanners, etc.

Weather-Resistant & Rot-Proof

Built to last a lifetime, DECKED is manufactured from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) – resistant to chemicals and able to withstand harsh conditions.

Save Your Back From Awkward Lifting

DECKED's waist-high drawers save you having to reach over or crawl into your truck bed to reach tools or equipment.

Customer Reviews


"Highly durable well manufactured kit. The decked drawer system provides secure storage for a massive amount of kit, from Small hand tools, spanner’s etc to power tools and heavy service kit. Lift out boxes separate and protect equipment and enable easy access. The strong upper deck allows the load area to be used as the regular bed floor. The best thing is that there is no need to climb in and out to retrieve kit it all is brought to you."


"I am really happy with my Decked draw system, it works well for my business as an electrician. Easy access to my tools and it is secure. Also it is waterproof and kept everything dry and safe when I had my back window broken."


"I have a 2018 Toyota Hilux. I bought the Decked Twin Draw Storage System. I am not one for reviews, but found it to be a really robust and well made product. I am now able to store all my workwear and PPE practically without it all flying round in the back. It fits all round and uses all the bed space. For me it has organised the bed perfectly. Very good kit."


"Simple to install and really looks the part! I’m very impressed with the decked drawers. Keeps the things I need close to hand because there’s nothing worse than crawling in and digging through boxes in the dark! Drawers are very strong and easy to move even when full. Easy to keep clean with a wipe or when the top was empty I used a pressure washer and everything inside the drawers was dry so no worries about the weather if you don’t have a canopy."



Designed and built in the United States, DECKED features two secure, full bed-length roll out drawers to provide ergonomic access to tools and equipment whilst also allowing full use of the truck bed. The system creates a raised deck with a galvanised steel sub-frame within the truck bed, which has a capacity to carry up to 1,000kg.

Since its launch, DECKED has achieved OEM approval status for the Nissan Navara, Toyota Hilux and the Volkswagen Amarok, and is also available outside the approved programme for the Isuzu D-Max, Fiat Fullback, Ford Ranger, Mitsubishi L200 and Mercedes X-Class – in double cab and extra cab.

Extremely weatherproof, DECKED can be fitted to an open back pick-up. Manufactured using durable, 100 percent recycled, High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and includes integrated drainage channels to keep water away from drawer contents. Each drawer, which can carry equipment up to 100kg, opens at waist height creating ergonomic access to tools and equipment.

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