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Pick-Up Truck Drawer Systems

Featuring a highly adaptable single mega drawer system with a massive 181kg capacity, the DECKED Drawer System combines weatherproof, lockable, and ultra-secure storage with a 454kg payload-rating - for unparalled versatility. Manufactured in the USA and exclusive to Truckman, DECKED is durably designed to withstand the roughest treatment. 

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Nissan Navara NP300 / D40

Mitsubishi L200

CargoGlide Slide-Out Systems

The DECKED CargoGlide truck bed sliding tray is a sliding tool box that makes loading, unloading and accessing your tools and gear easy, safe and fast. Never climb into the bed of your truck to retrieve your gear ever again.

Drawer System Features & Benefits

CargoGlide Features & Benefits

100% weatherproof

From Acts of God to carwashes to anything from falling from the sky, your tools and gear stay safe and dry.


Ultra-Strong HDPE & Steel Sub-Frame

Built to last a lifetime, DECKED is manufactured from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), an impressive material which is resistant to chemicals and able to withstand harsh environments. The HDPE is co-moulded onto an ultra-strong steel sub-frame. DECKED has an impressive evenly-distributed 454kg load rating.

Preserved load space

DECKED features a raised platform that fits securely and precisely into the pick-up truck’s load bed. The storage system creates a flat surface area of the truck bed by covering the wheel wells, maximising your storage space allowing you to transport bulky items.


Built to roam

Keeps dust and other airborne particulate matter out of your drawers using a protective series of closeout panels so your cargo stays clean and secure.

Drawer system compatible

When you combine the toughest, most durable bed slide with the top rated Drawer System, you'll save valuable time and energy with all of your tools and gear accessible at a moments notice.


Load it up and get to work

Built from heavy gauge, powder-coated American steel and industrial grade marine plywood (coated with a thermoplastic top sheet), the CargoGlide truck bed slide can take all of the use and abuse both YOU and Mother Nature can throw at it. 


Easy to use

Easily slide out up to 454kg of gear with the flick of a switch. Multiple cargo stops allow you to select just how far out you want it to extend.


Secure cargo retention

The perimeter of the CargoGlide tray has interior and exterior channels for infinitely adjustable cargo tie-down locations. Comes standard with 4 marine-grade galvanized tie-down loops. 

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