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Truckman S-Series Hardtop Canopy (Solid Side Doors) Volkswagen Amarok Mk1-2 (2010 - 2021) Double Cab


Designed for productivity and accessibility, the Truckman S-Series features lockable side access doors – enabling full, all-round access to your pick-up truck’s load bed area. Ideal for both work and leisure, the S-Series is suitable for families and businesses who want a hard top canopy that offers rich functionality, enhanced security and more efficiency.

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Canopy Type S-Series
Brand Truckman
Manufacturer VW
Compatible Vehicles VW Amarok Mk1 (2010 - 2016)
VW Amarok Mk2 (2016 Onwards)

Features & Benefits

  • Cab-high, vehicle-specific design – creates more load space capacity
  • Streamlined, aerodynamic – reduces drag and fuel consumption
  • Integrated remote central locking – rear door can be locked and unlocked through the vehicle's existing keyfob
  • Colour-coded – available in all OEM colours to match the vehicle
  • Gull-wing style lift up doors – ideal for increasing productivity and efficiency
  • Non-drill fit – requires no drilling to install or permanent modification to the vehicle
  • Automatic LED light – illuminates the load area when the rear door is opened, ideal for dark winter evenings
  • Stylish spoiler – gives the S-Series a subtle, sporty appearance
  • Luxury carpet-lined interior – accentuates the S-Series' car-like quality and appearance, helps prevent condensation

Additional Storage Capacity, Integrated Remote Central Locking

Secure and access your pickup’s increased storage space without fumbling for additional keys or fobs. The Truckman S-Series rear door works with your existing keyfob, simultaneously locking and unlocking with your vehicle's own doors – on your command.

The invaluable additional storage space created by the canopy’s high roofline is ideal for transporting shopping, tools, bicycles and pets.

The tinted tailgate, supported by gas-powered struts, effortlessly opens creating a wide aperture for easy loading and access to your cargo. The heavy-duty handle’s lock barrel is concealed under a protective cover – a stylish detail that prevents the ingress of dirt and helps maintain the integrity of the lock.

Gull-Wing-Style, Lift-Up Doors

The S-Series can be easily accessed from the side of the vehicle via the gull-wing style, lift-up doors. Available with solid or glazed side access doors.

Integrated Roof Rails

Increase the storage and carrying space of your pick-up truck with the Truckman S-Series integrated roof bars. Continuing the hardtop’s immeasurable versatility, the roof bars are ideal for transporting bulky items, equipment or tools. Compatible with most crossbars, the hardtop canopy can be used to secure anything from a roof box to a kayak.

Luxury, Carpet-Lined Interior, Automatic LED Light

Easy to maintain, the carpet-lined interior accentuates the S-Series' car-like quality and appearance – and helps to reduce condensation. An automatic LED light illuminates the load area when the rear door is opened, ideal for dark winter evenings.


  • Truckman S-Series luxury hard top canopy
  • Six heavy-duty clamps for quick installation
  • Wiring harness – includes a waterproof automotive connector
  • Comprehensive, easy-to-follow fitting instructions, complete with photos
  • 3-year warranty – for added peace of mind
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How to Fit


How to fit the Truckman S-Series hardtop.pdf

Fit at Home

This product can be DIY-installed with the included fitting instructions. *

Fitting & Installation Centre, West Midlands

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Our experienced team of fitters and technicians are on hand to accessorise your vehicle whilst you relax in our pet-friendly showroom. Here are some benefits of our fitting service:

  • Express fitting of accessories by experienced specialists
  • Comfortable waiting area and accessory showroom
  • Free WiFi and TV
  • Pet-friendly
  • Close to Merry Hill Shopping Centre, over 200 shops
  • Located alongside Dudley Canal with scenic waterside walkways

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Product Questions
Is there an electrical adapter to wire a Truckman hardtop to my pickup?
You just need a wiring loom for the vehicle. The Truckman hardtop will simply plug in to it from there to enable all of its electrical features to work. There are quite a few different versions, so it's worth double checking the one you are ordering is correct. Contact us, with the hardtop serial number (found on the front bulkhead window) and we can check this for you.
How can I make my hardtop more secure?
If the hardtop has remote central locking, remember to keep using it with the vehicle key fob. Sporadically using the manual override keys can take the locking system out of sync with the rest of the vehicle.If the hardtop has manual locking, remember to always keep this locked when the vehicle isn't in use.Alternatively you may wish to bolster the security of your hardtop and vehicle through our catalytic converter locks, hardtop alarms, and posts and locks
Can you put a hardtop over a roller shutter?
This is quite a common question. However, as ideal as it would be if it could work, this is unfortunately impossible. A roller shutter and a hardtop use the same fitting points, so one gets in the way of the other. If you are looking for ultimate security, our recommendation would be to pair a hardtop canopy with our DECKED drawer system.
Will my Truckman hardtop windows be tinted/blacked out?
Yes, all our hardtops are supplied with tinted glass as standard. The glass is tinted to approximately 75%.
Can I get replacement keys for my Truckman hardtop?
Unfortunately, we do not offer keys on their own. The best way forward is to purchase a new locking handle, that is supplied with two new keys as standard. If your Truckman hardtop has remote locking, it'll connect back to your vehicle locking system and work off your key fob once the handle is in place and the new keys will act as a manual override should you ever need it. For remote locking: Truckman Rear Door Handle With Lock Cover, Lock And Keys For Remote Locking. For non-remote locking, please see: Truckman Luxury Rear Outer Door Handle Lock And Keys (Non Remote) Replacement.
What do I do if my hardtop locking system has stopped working correctly?
We are sorry to hear that your locking system has stopped working. In 99% of cases, it will be a quick fix to sort this, or you may need some new spare parts, depending on what the issue is. Most issues can be diagnosed watching the following video, you can then contact us from there and we can give you the best advice to get the issue resolved.
How tough is the glass?
We use 6mm toughened glass that is curved to fit the contours of the hardtop.
What is the warranty on a Truckman hardtop?
A Truckman hardtop comes with a comprehensive 3-year warranty as standard. We keep a good spare parts inventory so should anything ever need replacing this can be sorted quickly and fuss free. We have a fantastic warranty team on hand and ready to help you
How is a hardtop secured to my vehicle?
Your hardtop is attached to your vehicle by six clamps securely tightened to eight newton-metres, so there's no need for any drilling to the vehicle. These clamps make sure the neoprene foam seal stays in place. All electrics are wired through a multi-plug. Hardtops are designed to fit to vehicles either with an under-rail bed liner or no bed liner. If you have an over-rail bed liner, a small modification may be required.Please note: on some newer model hardtops the design has changed / is being changed, please contact us for more information.
Where can I find the paint code for my pickup?
For most vehicles, the colour code is printed on a little sticker, located just inside the driver's door. In some cases, it's on a sticker on its own or it can be printed on the same sticker as your VIN/Chassis number.The main exception to this rule is the Ford Ranger and the 2023 VW Amarok, neither have the colour code on the vehicle itself. You may see it on your V5C, if not, a phone call to your local dealer is required to find out the colour code.
Where is my hardtop serial number?
This can be found on the front bulkhead window (the one closest to the vehicle cab on the inside of the hardtop, so you'll need to crawl into the load space slightly) on the bottom right-hand corner on a black sticker with silver writing. The serial number will start with either an ‘M’ or a ‘T.
Can I convert my manual locking hardtop to remote central locking?
Unfortunately, if the hardtop has been designed to not have central locking originally it cannot be converted. This is because the wiring needs to be built into the hardtop itself and then the wires need to be stored inside the fibreglass of the hardtop to prevent it from getting damaged.
What is the weight of a Truckman canopy?
A Truckman hardtop is hand made, so the hardtop weight can vary very slightly. A Truckman hardtop has a guide true weight of 100kg approx.If you need to declare your vehicle for tax, you will only need to declare up to 45kg, as per HMRC guidelines. These guidelines are designed to ensure that the classification of your pick up truck will never change from an LCV (light commercial vehicle) to a car by adding a hardtop canopy.There are official documents we can provide to back this up, please contact us.
How do I maintain my hardtop?
You can maintain your hardtop by regularly greasing the locks, checking the clamps are tight and aligning the slam latches. For more detail, consult your warranty card.
Can I respray my hardtop?
We don't offer this service unfortunately but a professional paint shop should be able to do this. It's important that any glass is removed along with all the seals, then once the top has been painted it can be rebuilt.

How do I know which hardtop will fit my vehicle?
Each hardtop is made to fit a specific vehicle model. Manufacturers tend to bring out new versions of vehicles every few years, so it is important to make sure that the hardtop you choose is the same model year as your vehicle. It's also important to make sure that if your vehicle is a special edition model, for example a Ford Wildtrak, that the hardtop can fit it. If in doubt, contact us.
Does the hardtop make my truck bed 100% waterproof?
Our hardtops are designed to be weatherproof, so they can take the British outdoors in their stride. They feature built-in seals around both the load bed and windows, and although no canopy is 100% leak proof when subjected to extreme rainfall over a prolonged period, all Truckman’s hardtops are designed to withstand everyday downpours. Keeping your hardtop well maintained can help avoid water ingress
What is the maximum weight I can carry on the roof of my hardtop?
The maximum weight you can carry on the roof of your hardtop is 55kg dynamic. If for example you're looking to mount a roof top tent, we would advise you mount it to the vehicle cab instead.Dynamic weight means the weight you can carry whilst the vehicle is moving. Static weight (when the vehicle is stationary) can usually allow for slightly more weight but it's a good idea to check with us first if you are unsure.
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