Frequently Asked Questions


Can I return my items after ordering?

Yes, we've made our returns process easy. Find out more here.

Do you ship orders internationally?

Yes. You can place an order and when we receive it, we will contact you with shipping information.

Do you install and fit accessories?

Yes. Our fitting centre is based in the West Midlands. You can view pricing and further information on our fitting service page.

Truckman Hard Top Canopies

Are Truckman hard tops waterproof?

No. There is no such thing as a fully-waterproof hard top canopy. When a pick-up truck has been manufactured, the distance between the tailgate and the truck’s body varies from vehicle to vehicle. Manufacturers don't necessarily design pick-ups with canopies in mind. The end result is that the seal around the tailgate is not perfect, with visible gaps on each side, between the tailgate and the truck's body – usually no more than a few millimetres. Occasionally, pick-ups have one or more unsealed holes around the load bed area. For this reason, we never guarantee that our hard tops are waterproof.

Truckman has developed a range of tailgate seal systems which are designed to discreetly protect the pick-up truck’s load bed area from water ingress. We recommend Truckman Water Defence Kits to anyone who buys a Truckman hardtop – this will reduce or prevent leakages and road spray or dirt from entering the load bed area. Truckman hardtops are designed with water resistance and suppression in mind – every hard top is manufactured with dam-like features that work to keep water out of the pick-up load bed. These design features, correct installation and alignment of the hardtop combined with a tailgate seal system are the most popular and effective methods of keeping the load bed as dry as possible.

How long does it take to fit a Truckman hard top canopy?

It usually takes 2 – 3 hours to fit a Truckman hard top. Most of the fitting and installation time is required for the wiring, explained in the fitting instructions supplied with your hard top. We recommend wiring only to those competent in auto electrics. Once the wiring is complete, the heavy-duty clamps are used to secure the canopy over the top of the load bed.

How do I remove a Truckman hard top canopy?

To remove a Truckman hard top, undo the six clamps which secure the canopy to the pick-up truck bed, and unplug the multiplug which connects the hard top to the vehicle’s battery. The process should only take a few minutes.