Why choose BedRug?

09 November 2018
Image titleBedRug offer the ultimate in loadliner luxury with the BedRug and the BedMat. Both have the luxurious appearance and feel of carpet, but are made from 100% polypropylene (similar to plastic). It helps to protect your knees when crawling in and out of your load bed, but can withstand anything you throw at it.

BedRug products are manufactured with fully recyclable polypropylene composite, which is highly important in this day and age. Any unusable materials are recycled into pellets and used in a range of consumer goods. The BedRug fits snug to your vehicle and helps to limit sliding of cargo (or pets!) when on the move. The closed cell foam floor acts as a shock absorber, so protects the bed from any damage - but also helps to keep your load safe. 

The BedMat is an alternative to the BedRug and fits the base of the truck. Both of these truck bed accessories are pressure washable and can withstand various spillages. Any water will run off the surface and out the factory drain holes in the truck bed and the BedRug will dry in as little as 20 minutes. The material used also has the benefit of being rot-resistant and UV fade resistant. 

Also part of the range is the TrackMat - this is a portable, folding mat that will really help to save your knees when kneeling. The TrackMat is water and stain resistant and is made from a similar material to the padding used for life jackets. Because of its resistance to water, it will not become mouldy. 

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